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Making up for my long absence from this pages,  here are some pics of the past months!

WP_001422 WP_000074 WP_001403Also Culture of Mate  soon out and about  for new events full of Yerba Mate and local grown Medicinal Herbs.



keep well,
drink mate
exercise more :)
smile again

Mate Stand at subground interactive art market 15sept2012

Mate Stand at subground interactive art market 15sept2012

Too hot = danger!

Researches have proven that hot water consumed in big quantities increases chances of getting cancer in the throat, mouth, and such.

So be careful and keep the temperature of your water mild!!  And enjoy your mate safely!


next Event :

Subground Market           

Sofia Arteaga will be serving/selling mate and introducing to new drinkers how to do it, benefits, etc!

15th of Septembre

from 4pm till late

along with street artists, arts & crafts, live mural paint and music

at the Subground Fortythree

Dublin 1, 43 Gardiner Lane (behind hill 16 pub)

3a Mateada collectiva en Dublin

A bit late, to post in the right place,,,

I’m looking forward to the 4th one to keep spreading the culture!

3a Mateada collectiva en Dublin

This event was a great success!

We are looking forward to the next one

End of July!!!

Keep an eye and drink mate! :-)


3rd Collective “Mateada” in Dublin

SUNDAY 27th of MAY 2012


(exact meeting point to follow)

time : 14 to 19

“Una vez mas la colectividad Latinoamericana Unida! Continuemos con nuestra tradicion!
Nos estaremos juntando a tomar mate y compartir una linda tarde en Merrion Square!
Traigan el mate por supuesto, agua calentita, galletitas, una guitarra, todo lo que se les ocurra para pasar una tarde amena con todos vosotros!”

“One more time the Latin community United! The tradition keeps Up!
We will be meeting to drink mate and share a good afternoon in Merrion Square!
Bring your mate, or be served one and explained how to prepare it! Fell fre to bring whatever you may think appropriate to enjoy and share in this event!”

“Se estara realizando el Soul festival al mismo tiempo, por lo que habran mas actividades y musica!”

“The Soul festival will be on as well, so it will be more activities and loads of musical shows!”

“Ademas esta vez tendremos sorteos, descuentos, globos, y sorpresas para todos aquellos que concurran!”

“Also this time we will have raffles, discounts, baloons and surprises for all participants!”

“Sofia Arteaga estara dando mini talleres para todos aquellos interesados en conocer mas a cerca de la “Cultura del Mate”.

“Sofia Arteaga will be giving mini workshops for all who be interested in knowing more about the “Culture of Mate”

Everyone is more than welcome! come alone to try “mate” our typical drink from the South of South America!


Facebook page 3a Mateada :

Soul Picnic :

or facebook Dublin-City-Soul-Festival

Mateada2 – 18th September 2011

Come and Taste, Discover or Share a good MATE !

        18th Sept St Steven’s Green 15-18 pm
                        ( beside the gazebo )

This beneficial drink, traditional from South America will seduce you after the third sip.

Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins it saved people in the deserted pampas depending only on meat for their diet from malnutrition.

          Check info and please do subscribe to Thanks a lot

                         Hope to see you there!
                                Best Regards
                               Sofia Arteaga
                              086 844 59 52


Workshop: ART OF MATE
Dublin Exchange
(1 Exchange Street Upper, Temple Bar)